Prepping Dad For Alone Time With The Baby

Eventually the time comes, for many of us, where momma has to step away and let daddy do his thing with the newborn. Whether this is by choice or not, a plan with a strategy is something that just might make a world of difference for all parties involved...sometimes even the grandparents!

Here's a little checklist to keep daddys moment alone with baby...well, better prepared:

  • Have Diapers & Wipes ready and convenient
  • Keep a back up change of clothes ready...PLEASE PLEASE...NO BUTTONS!
  • Have lyrics written out for daddy of babies favorite song or nursery rhyme.
  • Have baby bottle prepped and ready to go...make sure it's labeled well in fridge. Have bottle warmer ready!!

All above may not apply to all dads, but the key is to prep and have a strategy. Dads are typically pretty good at winging it, but that's not a risk we want to take with a newborn!


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