Our swaddles are made from 100% natural cotton muslin or bamboo muslin fabric. Breathable fabric and generous size makes swaddling a breeze. Use this swaddle as a stroller or nursing cover, changing pad cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and more.
62 results
Forest Arrow Swaddle -
Fancy Fox Swaddle -
Shaded Spruce Swaddle -
Forest Friends Swaddle -
Moose Swaddle -
Nordic Cross Swaddle -
Watercolor Star Swaddle by Newcastle Classics -
Lavender Swaddle by Newcastle Classics -
Only 5 left!
Peek-A-Boo Cats Swaddle by Newcastle Classics -
Only 2 left!
Traveler Swaddles - Set of 3
Spring Time Flower Swaddle
Spring Time Stripe Swaddle -
Robot Swaddles - Set of 3
In the Sky Swaddles - Set of 4
Pink Deer Swaddle by Newcastle Classics -
Glacier Branch Swaddle by Newcastle Classics -
Mountain Peak Swaddle -
Spotted Wave Swaddle -
Pencil Stripe Swaddle -
Sparrows Swaddle -
American Rose Swaddle -
Herringbone Swaddle -
Matchstick Heart Swaddle -
Primrose & Indigo Swaddle -
Primrose Pink Plaid Swaddle -
Glacier Grey Plaid Swaddle -
Blue Deer Swaddle -
Blue Elephant Swaddle -
Dalmatian Swaddle by Newcastle Classics -
Fire Truck Swaddle by Newcastle Classics -
Traveler Dot Swaddle
Pyramid Print Swaddle
Moroccan Blue Swaddle
Star Anise Swaddle
Miner Swaddle 444 -
62 results
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